tinger t4

Expand the capabilities of
your off-road vehicles

The unique design of the Tinger T4
trailer allows you to use it with
your quad bike, snowmobile
and cross-country vehicles.


Amazing universality

  • An abundance of space!

    The Tinger multi-function trailer can carry cargo of 300 kg with volume of 2m³. You can put everything in it from hunting trophies to motorboat. Depending on your requirements trailer can be transformed into a comfortable gazebo for 8 people or a full size three-person tent. Ski module, top frame or hardtop are installed easier than it seems. Watch the video, and you'll understand.

    Прицеп-амфибия Tinger
  • Careful attention to details

    The Tinger T4 Trailer has its own unique features. Dmitriy Verkhushkin, the technical director of the company and owner of Tinger ATV talks proudly about the external body design, powerful steel frame, mounting options for ski modules and its many other useful functions.

    Прицеп-амфибия Tinger

Features and benefits

Tinger T4: a reliable assistant for every situation

The new Tinger T4 trailer is suitable for any off-road vehicle and designed specifically to work in extreme conditions in any weather and in any season. Using special low-pressure tires the T4 trailer can overcome almost any off-road and water obstacles. The floating trailer is made of high density polyethylene HDPE a lightweight, high-strength and impact-resistant composite material. This material does not rot or rust.

In fact the T4 is a real "workhorse" being able to carry up to 300 kg of cargo. The trailer can accommodate up to 8 people. When necessary the T4 can turn into a three-person tent. In winter, you can install a ski module, in conditions of severe weather - the windproof and waterproof top for extra protection.

The amphibious trailer works in conjunction with all-terrain vehicles, cars, quads and snowmobiles. No matter whether you are hunting, fishing, farming or enjoying outdoor activities the T4 becomes a reliable and multi-function assistant.

You can download the complete price list for Tinger trailer accessories.

Прицеп-амфибия Tinger

Прицеп-амфибия Tinger

  • Tinger Amphibious trailer

    For outdoor activities

    The impressive volume of the trailer will let you take all necessary equipment with you without having to compromise on anything. Fit everything! Even a motorboat can be fixed with special railings on the rigid roof of the trailer.

  • Tinger Amphibious trailer

    For large groups

    The soft, comfortable seats of T4 trailer can accommodate 8 people. You simply hitch the trailer to your car or ATV, load up what you need, drive to the location, unload your gear and passengers and convert the trailer into a comfortable gazebo. The true essence of convenience.

  • Tinger Amphibious trailer

    For a comfortable overnight stay

    Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Should you wish the trailer converts from a comfortable gazebo into a full sized three-person tent. Easily convertible seats, hardtop and top will provide you with the perfect place for a calm and relaxed sleep wherever you are.

  • Tinger Amphibious trailer

    For farming

    Strong, roomy and capable of transporting heavy goods, the trailer will be a reliable assistant for fans of country living. Transporting building materials, tools or other equipment is what it was created for.

  • Tinger Amphibious trailer

    Go anywhere

    The best places for hunting, fishing and hiking are almost always in places where there are few roads and transportation of equipment is required. Due to the tough and durable high-density polyethylene HDPE the trailer will overcome any off-road terrain safely and is not afraid of any water hazards.

  • Tinger Amphibious trailer

    For winter adventures

    Special ski modules for the trailer will allow you to go with your snowmobile to conquer any snowy lands. At the same time the waterproof top will protect you from the wind and snow. Check it out - winter fishing and hunting has never been so comfortable.

  • Tinger Amphibious trailer

    Many applications, one trailer

    With the Tinger trailer you no longer need to choose what to load into the car or have to compromise with nature. Take along everything necessary and go wherever you want. Tinger will take you across any terrain in comfort.

Technical characteristics
Capacity 500 kg (1102 lb)
Wheel size 25x12-9
Number of wheels 4
Body material impact-resistant plastic body of HDPE brand, thickness up to 10 mm.
Frame high strength welded steel construction
Trailer coupling type - ball
- hinge for snowmobile

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