ARMOR W8: uncompromising choice

The wheeled Tinger Armor W8 ATV was created to be the intersecting point of design and functionality. Its primary purpose is remarkably comfortable driving on any road in any weather and any season. Rain, snow, ice, marsh and swamp - there are no tangible barriers for the W8. It will pass where others have to turn back in search of passable road.

The 8x8 wheel formula provides a towing capacity of 700 kg while the powerful 35hp, 57hp and 68hp engines prove once again that the W8 is the uncompromising choice for those who are not accustomed to defeat and ready to forge their own way. The Tinger Armor W8 overcomes not only land but also water obstacles. Whenever necessary you can install tracks on the wheels which means you don't leave impassability any chance.

Hunting, fishing, outdoor expeditions or farming - This ATV is versatile and truly reliable. Challenge yourself together with Tinger Armor W8!

TINGER color options
  • Supreme off-road performance

    Tinger ATV can easily overcome poor roads or trails, rugged terrain, swamps and forests. Wide tracks, maneuverability and low ground pressure give you freedom of movement anywhere.

  • Tamer of water hazards

    Tinger ATVs have unmatched versatility combining off-road performance with the ability to traverse water. Crossing fords, streams and lakes is easier than it seems. With a durable and safe low pressure polyethylene HDPE waterproof body, powerful engine system and reliable transmission you have the freedom to choose your own path.

  • Reliable assistance when you need it

    Tinger ATV – the latest and best choice for home and farm. With its compact design, multifunction use and powerful drive system it can easily replace any tractor for field work or haulage. With your ATV and a plow, rake or harrow attachment and you will be able to complete the whole cycle of preparation and sowing on your farm without requiring additional specialist equipment. One Tinger – many possibilities!

Reliable petrol engines that start in all weather conditions, including heavy frost meeting all requirements of the EURO IV environmental safety class. With it, you will not only save fuel but reduce your environmental footprint.
Set of wheels consisting of low pressure tires with deep tread pattern and steel rim is installed on Tinger Armor. It ensures that you could pass on completely impassable terrain, rocky ground, in winter, summer or offseason.
The use of double and triple chains, enlarged diameter ( 35 mm) driving half-shafts complete with unique control mechanism of chain adjustment are provided additional reliability of the vehicle. You will never be stranded far away from civilization.

Simple and intuitive control is achieved through the enhanced sensitivity steering handle providing extra feedback. All necessary information about the vehicle’s functionality during use is displayed on a conveniently located digital panel. So you are always aware of what's going on under the hood of your "beast".
Ergonomic seats are specially designed for comfort on long journeys and for traversing difficult terrain. Forget about the bruises, stiffness or discomfort of traditional ATV, relax and enjoy comfortable and safe drive.
The case of our ATV is made of 10mm low pressure polyethylene HDPE making it lightweight, durable and safe; that’s why it is the number one choice for military hardware. This ultra resistant material will retain its unique properties anywhere between -100 С° to +200 С° ensuring that your ATV’s body will withstand anything the world can throw at it.

Tinger Wheeled ATV
1700 mm (67 in)
1280 mm
(50 in)
Колесный вездеход Tinger
3100 mm (122 in)
Technical characteristics
Length / Width / Height 3100 mm / 1700 mm / 1280 mm
(122 in) / (67 in) / (50 in)
Chery SQR
2 cylinders / 600 cc / 35,4 hp
3 cylinders / 812 cc / 57 hp
Dry weight 760 kg (1675 lb)
Tractive effort 700 kg (1543 lb)
Fuel tank capacity 38 liters (10 US gal) (appox.8 hours of driving)
Number of passengers 6 people onshore / 4 people on water
Cooling system liquid
Brake system hydraulic
Transmission system planetary differential
Steering ergonomic handlebars
Load on the tow bar 150 kg (331 lb)
Working temperature, conditions from -40С° to +40С° (from -40°F to 104°F)
any weather, any terrain